9 Fall Favorite Merch Collections for Disney, Pixar, Star Wars Fans

Autumn leaves, hot cider, and pumpkins galore! The fall season is upon us, and I’ve got the perfect list to help get you into the spirit. These themed fun items, which are both available now and coming soon, can turn any gloomy day into an adventure whether you’re visiting us at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or enjoying the magic from home with shopDisney. Let’s check out a few merchandise items that we like to call our “fall favorites” featuring some of our friends from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and more!

Coco Collection (Coming Soon)
Coco Loungefly Mini Backpack

Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is just around the corner! Soon, we will hear the strum of guitars and see beautiful painted skeletons walk the streets! With the Coco Loungefly Mini Backpack, you can bring the culture that inspired the film to life. You can wear the backpack to celebrate with Folklórico dancers and Mariachi singers in “A Musical Celebration of Coco” at Plaza de la Familia in Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort! The backpack features a perfect pop of color, with all-over colorful Aztec marigold flowers to guide the spirits back to the land of the living.

What’s a better way to continue the celebration than with a Coco-themed mug? On the front of this mug, you’ll find Miguel disguised in his red hoodie with calavera makeup to blend in with the land of the dead. On the back side, you will find a cheerful sugar skull ready to dance the night away!

Encanto La Familia Collection (Coming Soon)
Encanto La Familia Pull Over Hoodie and Encanto La Familia Spirit Jersey

This fall, visit Encanto, the quaint fantasy town hidden in the mountains of Colombia! The Madrigals are featured on the Encanto La Familia Pull Over Hoodie to celebrate the season of autumn. On this hoodie, you can find Mirabel, Antonio, Camilo, Dolores, Isabela and Luisa showing off their extraordinary personalities. To bring you even more warmth, the Encanto La Familia Spirit Jersey shows Mirabel and Luisa surrounded by the magical nature of Encanto.

If you’re planning on visiting the Parks this fall, you will need some accessories. The Encanto La Familia Youth Mini Backpack features Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela to accompany you on all your traveling adventures. Don’t forget your Encanto La Familia Ear Headband to add the perfect touch! Wear these items when visiting Mirabel at Magic Kingdom this fall!

Encanto La Familia Light up Casita Figurine

Closing off some fall favorites from the collection, watch the Encanto La Familia Light up Casita Figurine bring the magic to your own casita! The colorful Casa Madrigal shows a rainbow to brighten up a fall day.

Disney Munchlings Collection’s Dynamic Duos: Remy French Hot Chocolate & Emile Strawberry Croissant

With the cooler weather rolling in, what could be cozier than a cup of cocoa? These next items are cozy, cute, and available now! The Remy French Hot Chocolate Disney Munchlings Plush is ready to be picked up and squeezed. We know Remy is an expert in flavor, so trust me when I say his whipped cream is the perfect topping.

Disney Munchlings Collection’s Dynamic Duos: Remy French Hot Chocolate & Emile Strawberry Croissant

Remy never travels alone! Remy and his best brother, Emile, are part of the Disney Munchlings Dynamic Duo series. The Emile Strawberry Croissant Disney Munchlings plush will smile at you as you stare at the strawberry sitting upon his head! Inspired by Disney and Pixar’s “Ratatouille,” these brothers are the sweetest pair in all of Paris and they are prepared to keep you snug this season!

Star Wars: “Ahsoka” Collection (Coming Soon)
Ahsoka Tano Tank Top

The new “Ahsoka” Collection inspired by the original new Star Wars series, streaming only on Disney+, has all the fall fashion you need to fly to a galaxy far, far away…. Since fall can start off a tad warm (especially when visiting Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort), the Ahsoka Tano Tank Top is the perfect way to look as cool as the former Jedi Knight. Ahsoka Tano’s portrait stares into the distance on the front of the tank top with a cut-out in the right shoulder to add a little edge.

Ahsoka Tano Pullover Hoodie

For those struggling with falling leaves and strong winds, the Ahsoka Tano Pullover Hoodie will warm you right up! With familiar blue stripes inspired by the Force-sensitive Togruta running down the sleeves and hood, you can pay homage to the former Jedi Padawan in fashionable apparel. As you travel across the galaxy, there may be some temperature changes. The Ahsoka Logo T-Shirt for Adults is the perfect layer to stay warm.

As you know, orange and brown are the popping colors of this beautiful season. Luckily, the “Ahsoka” Collection has just the mug to match it! The Ahsoka Tano Mug is a perfect way to quench your thirst with interior and exterior design inspired by the Fulcrum symbol. Who can survive fall without their favorite mug? Finally, to tie this fit together, the Ahsoka Tano Loungefly Mini Backpack can hold all your credits in one place.

Star Wars Ezra Bridger Legacy Lightsaber Hilt Set (Coming Soon)
Star Wars Ezra Bridger Legacy Lightsaber Hilt Set

During the fall, porch lights glow and the fireplaces burn, but they won’t be the only things that gleam! The Star Wars Ezra Bridger Legacy Lightsaber Hilt Set illuminates a green blade and features distinct sound effects. With the mark of the Ghost crew rebels on the front of the display case, there is no mistaking the power this collectible holds.

Star Wars Bantha Burgers Collection
Star Wars Bantha Burgers shirts

After scavenging for the perfect pumpkin, what could be a cure for your rumbling tummy? A delicious Bantha Burger! The blue-bunned treat is only one of the various tasty snacks on the back of this Star Wars T-shirt. Don’t forget to hydrate – I heard the blue milk at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is delish.

Disney “Hocus Pocus” Plush
Sanderson Sisters Plush

They have been gone for three hundred years, but now… the witches are back again! The Sanderson Sisters Plush are ready to cast spells this fall. Sarah, Mary and Winifred from Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” wear satin capes and carry felt brooms in the new Sanderson Sisters Plush Set! Make sure you catch them before they vanish!

Thackery Binx plush

I spoke too soon. Looks like the cat’s got my tongue! Thackery Binx, from Disney’s “Hocus Pocus,” is here to save the day in plush form with silky faux fur, soft ears, and an internal skeleton for posing possibilities. Bring him along on your chilling nights to the “Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular” during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! You never know when you’ll need a talking cat.

Disney “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas” Light-Up Wreath 

One of Disney’s Jack Skellington’s Christmas gifts comes to life with teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing white. In light of the 30th anniversary of Disney “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas,” the mischievous green light-up wreath is ready to celebrate the holidays with a big red bow. It even promises not to bite!

Mickey Mouse Fab 5 Halloween Collection

Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse have a cool surprise just for you! Our two friends decided to dress up this year and invite you to be a part of the celebration.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Spirit Jersey

To kick off the fall festivities, Mickey Mouse used his magic and made a jack-o-lantern! The Mickey Mouse Halloween Spirit Jersey adds the perfect sprinkle of “boo” to the season with all-over pumpkin print and a puffy “D” emblem on the chest. You can find this fall favorite now at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, and shopDisney!

Minnie Mouse Halloween Glow-in-the-dark Ear Headband

The Minnie Mouse Halloween Glow-in-the-dark Ear Headband shows Minnie Mouse adorably dressed as a vampire ready for some Halloween fun. When night falls, Minnie Mouse stretches her bat wings and glows in the darkness looking for her next trick or treat!

Mickey Mouse Halloween Ear Baseball Cap

If hats are more your style, make sure to check out the Mickey Mouse Halloween Ear Baseball Cap. Mickey’s jack-o-lantern grin stretches from ear to ear and will give anyone chills when they stare into his glowing eyes. Don’t worry! With Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to light your way, you’ll enjoy the night. The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Plush will always be right by your side for all your trick-or-treat adventures.

Now, who wants to come with me to find all these collections and more? Make sure you spot these items in the Parks and on shopDisney before they vanish! If you dare… (wa, ha, ha).