5 Ways Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort Are Celebrating Lunar New Year

5 Lunar New Year Celebrations at Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort

Celebrated globally by around two billion people and one of the most important holidays in China, the Lunar New Year ushers in the arrival of spring and is also referred to as the Spring Festival. Each year is presented by an animal called a Chinese zodiac sign, each of which embody different characteristics and traits — and this year belongs to the rabbit. Let’s see how Shanghai Disney Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland are “hopping” into the New Year! 

1. New Outfits and Photo Moments Await

Beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip n’ Dale at Hong Kong Disneyland are outfitted in bright Lunar New Year-themed fashions, ready to share joy with our guests.

Over at Shanghai Disney Resort, expect Mickey and Friends and Duffy and Friends sporting fresh Spring Festival looks for the holidays! Guests at Shanghai Disney Resort can also take photos at designated selfie spots and catch sight of their new outfits again during the Disney Winter Magic Cavalcade.

Judy Hopps from the hit animated film “Zootopia,” is joining the Spring Festival celebrations at Shanghai Disney Resort. As one of the park’s beloved rabbit characters, Judy is receiving her very own mosaic amongst the twelve zodiac signs in the Garden of the Twelve Friends, making for a perfect selfie spot!

For fans of Duffy’s rabbit friend, StellaLou, you’ll be excited to hear that special photo moments with her are available for guests at Hong Kong Disneyland! StellaLou is all smiles in her cheerful red dress alongside the inquisitive fox, LinaBell, debuting her Lunar New Year outfit for all to see.

2. Feast on Flavorful Food

Food is a highly symbolic part of Lunar New Year festivities, with many of the dishes containing special significance. And you better believe that both parks have some incredible food to offer! Those visiting Hong Kong Disneyland can grab a special StellaLou-themed drink in honor of the Year of the Rabbit as well as the “Abalone Lo Hei” — a special and popular dish. Lo Hei means “tossing up good fortune,” and the higher each individual ingredient is mixed, the more prosperity!

Over at Shanghai Disney Resort, precious family moments can be made over a Spring Festival Tea for Two, a Royal Banquet Hall Spring Festival Family Feast set and more. Rabbit-themed snacks reign supreme, and the resort offers tasty treats such as the Disney StellaLou Train Popcorn Bucket and a rabbit-shaped Donald Tumbler.

3. Delight Over Special Lunar New Year Shows and Entertainment

Families looking for a great show can cap off their evening together by watching the nightly display celebrating the theme of “Our Families” at Shanghai Disney Resort. This show features a special firework design spelling out the Chinese character for “Rabbit” among the stars. 

More excitement awaits with the return of the Lion Dance, which takes place throughout the day in the Gardens of Imagination and Disneytown, bringing good fortune to all guests who set eyes on the lucky lion. Additionally, guests can watch the “Spring Festival Drum Ceremony” where Judy Hopps, joined by Mickey and Friends, will keep guests thumping to the beat of the music!

Catch all three shows before they end on February 5!

4. Be Enchanted by Seasonal Decorations

Hong Kong Disneyland is decorated with dreamlike lanterns, magic-infused Fai Chun, and a colorful flourish of flowers. Adding to the sparkle of the Lunar New Year, guests who enter the park from the first to the fourth day of the Lunar New Year will receive a Lucky StellaLou 3D Lai See. This hare-raising reward contains chocolate gold coins as well as dining and shopping coupons!

5. Shower Loved Ones with Lunar New Year Themed Gifts

Give the gift of good luck to friends, family and loved ones through the fun new merchandise items available at Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort during the New Year. 

Grab a StellaLou cross body bag or Spring Festival Mickey knitted cross body bag, stay cozy for the rest of the winter in cuddly and fuzzy StellaLou outwear or the LinaBell sweater or pick up a Spring Festival lucky bag filled with popular merchandise from Shanghai Disney Resort.

More than 80 festive-themed limited-edition products will launch at Hong Kong Disneyland, including an ear-resistible StellaLou plush doll wearing a Chinese New Year costume, a lovable New Year-themed LinaBell plush doll, and so much more!

May your year be filled with prosperity, as well as all of the rabbit’s best qualities of determination, drive and compassion.