5 Unique Things You Can Only Do in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

Your Official Zootopia Checklist at Shanghai Disney Resort

We’re hopping with excitement now that Zootopia is officially open at Shanghai Disney Resort, beginning today, Dec. 20! At the world’s first “Zootopia”-themed land based on the Academy Award-winning Walt Disney Animation Studios film, you’ll be immersed into this living, breathing mammalian metropolis the moment you set “paw” on Mane Street. From an all-new attraction to innovative entertainment, merchandise and so much more, this new land is an example of the opportunities Disney has to bring new stories to life in immersive ways all around the world.

Did we mention it’s the ONLY land of its kind in the world? In addition to experiencing the new attraction Zootopia: Hot Pursuit and atmosphere show “Disney Zootopia Comes Alive,” we’re sharing five more unique things you can only do in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort!

5 Unique Things You Can Only Do in Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort photo of Mane Street and downtown Zootopia
1. Howl with the Wolves

You may just start a howl at Zootopia! Head over to the Grand Pangolin Arms Apartments, the humble abode of many animals, including the wolves, where you may hear a few residents. The only difference here is you won’t be asked to quit it, but rather encouraged to add your own! Try out “Howl-o” or ask them “Howl ya doing today” to trigger responding howls from the residents inside. HOWL cool is that?!

2. Listen to the Unique Sounds Around the Land

Speaking of unique sounds, there are many more you can hear around the land as Zootopia is a living, breathing metropolis, home to animal residents going about their daily lives. Over at the Jaguar Comedy Club, you’ll hear laughing hyenas heckling to a seemingly never-ending Sloth standup comedy act. Even Beavers need to visit the dentist, give a listen to the sounds of patients getting their fangs worked on at Beaver Dentist, and hear the bubbling mud as Rhinos enjoy a relaxing spa day at Rhino Mud Baths. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, now is your chance, as each and every corner offers the opportunity to listen in on the city’s residents.

3. Check out the Restrooms

We know it sounds silly, but stick with us for a moment, you need to visit the restrooms! Made from the materials of the Rainforest District, the tile and colors present a similar color palette, but that’s not what makes this place unique. Fitted for animals of all sizes from big and small to climbing and flying, you’ll find various-sized doors throughout. You might even just hear the animals in adjacent stalls, whether that be bits of comic business or chatting on their cell phones. We did say this place was living and breathing, right?

4. Animal Experiences of All Shapes and Sizes

Have you ever wanted to experience the life of an elephant or maybe the tiny lemmings? Now is your chance in Zootopia! From elephant-sized benches to itty bitty doorways and even a car made to fit a giraffe, keep an eye out for these fun details in all shapes and sizes around the land.

Photo of Real-Life Disney Zootopia Pawpsicle from Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort now open
5. Eat a Real-Life Disney Zootopia Pawpsicle

Yes, you can finally eat the ever-famous Disney Zootopia Pawpsicle while visiting the land! This faithful replica of the frozen treat is flavored with hawthorn berries and features the same vibrant color palette. You can also find a large Chocolate Marshmallow, which mimics the size and look of the Jumbo-pop Nick Wilde uses to melt and create the smaller pawpsicle in the movie.

This is going to be one wild place! If you’re planning a visit to try everything, check out our Complete Guide to Zootopia for your trip.