5 ‘Coco’ Inspired Easter Eggs at Disneyland Paris’ Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia

5 ‘Coco’ Inspired Easter Eggs at Disneyland Paris’ Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia blog header

It’s time to seize your moment as Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia will open on July 29 at Disneyland Paris! Disney Imagineers worked closely with Disneyland Paris teams and Pixar Animation Studios to immerse guests in the beloved Pixar movie “Coco.” From Héctor Rivera’s guitar to the many tools used to make traditional shoes, Miguel’s family heritage is showcased everywhere in the restaurant. Let’s take a look at five unique items you’ll discover at this “Coco” inspired restaurant!

life-size bronze statue of Migue in front of restaurant
1. A Statue to Live on Forever

Once you step foot on the terrace, a familiar face will welcome you! Dressed in traditional mariachi charro, Miguel is standing proudly as a life-size bronze statue. You might recognize some familiar tunes from traditional Mexican songs to the unforgettable “Remember Me.”

Light blue papel picado decoration held up within the dining room or restaurant
2. Papel Picados That Make Us “un poco loco”

As you continue your journey and enter the patio, just look above to see the colorful papel picados! This Mexican tradition inspired Pixar artists to use papel picados as a way to introduce us to the past of the Rivera family in the movie’s opening scene. For the restaurant, nearly 200 papel picados were created by Imagineers who found inspiration for the motifs in Mexican folklore, music and floral elements!

3. The Colorful Power of Alebrijes

Alebrijes, which are spirit guides to the Land of the Dead, are another Mexican art form that inspired both Pixar artists and Imagineers. You will even find a huge carved and colorful alebrije reminiscent of Dante, Miguel’s spirit guide, before ordering at the counter!

Héctor’s white guitar with gold and green hand-crafted details hung on a wall
4. A Guitar to Remember

In la Sala de Música, the crown jewel of Miguel’s rediscovered family’s heritage is proudly displayed among many musical instruments. Héctor’s guitar takes a place of pride, and towards the back of the room, you can also read notes from pages of his diary! To translate these unique elements from screen to reality, no details were spared as Pixar shared their original references with Imagineers. 

5. Celebrating una Familia de Zapateros

On the other side, in la Sala de Familia, portraits of beloved family members are front and center, both honoring them and ensuring their stories live on. The room also displays the trade that brought this family together: shoemaking! Traditional woven fabrics, shoemaker’s tools and shoe boxes featuring the family brand proudly showcase the craftsmanship and expertise of the Riveras inherited from Mamá Imelda and the generations that followed.  

So next time you visit Disneyland Paris, remember to come visit Casa de Coco – Restaurante de Familia and stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more updates that make us “un poco loco!