Take This Quiz to Find Your Perfect Disney Island Paradise

Take This Quiz to Find Your Perfect Disney Island Paradise

Do you feel it?  

The warmth of spring fills the air, which means the thrilling adventures of summer, and the grand opening of Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, are all just around the corner!  

Are you counting down the days to your upcoming sailing to Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point? Or are you planning your return to Disney Cruise Line’s beloved private island paradise, Disney Castaway Cay?  

While you spend your “almost summer” days planning your port-of-call outfits and adventures (you are, right? It’s not just me?) you might be wondering, which island destination is more your vibe? 

Grab your sunhat and your snorkel and dive into our quiz to find out, what kind of vacationer are you?

When you arrive at an island destination, do you: 

  1. Grab a towel and race to the beach 
  2. Book a port adventure to explore the natural wonders of the island 
  3. Make time for both! No island destination experience is complete without exploring and taking a dip in the ocean.

What are you reading on vacation? 

  1. A good beach read 
  2. Fun facts about the island’s wildlife  
  3. The menu to find your favorite dishes and discover some new treats 

Exploring your island destination looks like: 

  1. Discovering undersea life in a snorkeling lagoon 
  2. Wandering the lush scenery on a nature trail 
  3. Finding your way to a hammock to relax with your favorite snack 

The entertainment you love most is: 

  1. Playing lively, classic games with the family 
  2. Moving to the beat of authentic Bahamian music 
  3. Meeting one of your favorite characters for a selfie 

Your favorite colors are:  

  1. The brightest blues of the sea 
  2. Vibrant greens of flora and fauna 
  3. Every hue from a colorful island landscape to the sparkling waves of the ocean 

When you arrive at a nature-filled port of call, you: 

  1. Take in the stunning scenery of your destination from Boat Beach  
  2. Head over to the nature trail to get a glimpse of native wildlife  
  3. Make time to explore both the sunny beaches and the shade of the trees 

Your ideal Disney Cruise Line destination souvenir is: 

  1. Adorable Mickey and Minnie apparel 
  2. Authentic art designed by local artists 
  3. A souvenir cup with your favorite drink from the destination 

Your most-loved activity at Castaway Cay is: 

  1. Sitting in the sun at Serenity Bay or the Family Beach 
  2. Earning a medal at the Castaway Cay 5k 
  3. Taking your 5k medal to the beach as you cool off in the ocean 

The best beach escape is:

  1. Serenity Bay 
  2. Still Serenity Bay 

If you answered mostly 1’s, you’re a Castaway! Disney Castaway Cay offers sprawling family and adult-exclusive beaches, scenic walking, biking and running trails, a sparkling snorkeling lagoon, family games in the sand and the gaming pavilion, character appearances and so much more for the ideal island getaway. 

Disney Lookout Cay

If you answered mostly 2’s, you’ll thrive at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, which celebrates the rich culture and natural beauty of The Bahamas with signature Disney entertainment and an authentic Junkanoo rush-out at the cultural pavilion, a vast nature trail filled with sculptures of indigenous animals, a water play area and beautiful, dedicated beaches for families and adults, with many more adventures along the way! 

And let’s not forget those of you who love all of the options. If you’re tied, or answered with some 3’s, you’re in luck! Both Disney Lookout Cay and Disney Castaway Cay will offer both relaxation and adventure for the whole family. Many sailings will stop at one or both of these beautiful destinations after Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point opens this June! 

No matter what kind of vacationer you might be, both of Disney Cruise Line’s destinations are sure to delight everyone. To book your voyage, visit disneycruise.com.