Disney Lookout Cay: It’s in the Details 

Goombay Cultural Center at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Let’s continue our deep dive into the island destination, starting with how it’ll immerse you in the spirit of The Bahamas. From the minute you first enter the welcome area at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, Mabrika Cove, you’ll see a destination bursting with rich Bahamian culture. 

Walt Disney Imagineering collaborated with local artists to reflect the essence of The Bahamas in the design and experiences at Disney Lookout Cay. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by Bahamian nature and culture, with venues built to reflect the natural wonders and traditions of the chain of islands. 

Architecture at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

Don’t you love finding seashells on the beach? At Disney Lookout Cay, the dramatic structures are designed to resemble giant, colorful seashells scattered along Eleuthera’s coastline.  

Bright, Bahamian-inspired art greets you in the dining pavilions, bars and the Goombay Cultural Center, which might quickly become your favorite place at Disney Lookout Cay.  

This brilliantly colored pavilion celebrates the rich history of The Bahamas and houses a wide range of programming, including the “Sights and Sounds of Junkanoo” family workshop, where local artisans will teach you all about Junkanoo, the signature festival of The Bahamas filled with colorful parades, dancing and music. 

Art installations at Architecture at Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point

As you explore Disney Lookout Cay, look around for more local touches. Bahamian artists inspired and created beautiful art installations, which are on display throughout the destination.  

Keep an eye out for these details: 

  • A large sculpture created by Antonius Roberts located near the tram stop was constructed from a fallen tree that was found on Lighthouse Point property prior to construction. 
  • Paintings by Kevin Cooper displayed in the Goombay Cultural Center and cabanas. 
  • Nature-inspired sculptures created by ceramicist Imogene Walkine featured above the destination’s bars, along with Junkanoo-inspired tilework in locations such as the Goombay Cultural Center. 
  • Plaited fish, pineapples, conch and Junkanoo headdresses by Philip and Michelle Kemp in the Goombay Cultural Center and cabanas. 
  • Wood carvings on exterior doors inspired by Andret John’s original designs. 
  • Original murals painted by Dorman Stubbs have been replicated and are featured on many buildings. 
  • Land and sea-inspired art by interdisciplinary artist Kishan Munroe featured in the dining pavilions. 
  • Sculptures by mixed media artist and painter Edrin Symonette displayed throughout the destination. 

There’s so much more to love about Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point… what’s next? Let’s dive into entertainment.

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