Field Notes: Rainbow Reef at Disney’s Aulani Resort Helps Us Understand the Importance of Marine Life

Taking care of our planet is a privilege we all share, and it’s something we commit to in a very magical way at Disney. Ever wonder what keeps the butterflies flitting and the grasses growing at our parks and resorts?

I’m excited to introduce you to a new series, Field Notes, where we’ll pay a visit to several destinations around the world and look at the unique ways our cast members harness the ingenuity within our parks to help better the world outside of them. From environmental programs that reduce our carbon footprint, to guest experiences that seek to educate and inspire, our cast members show us the ways they show up to take better care of the world the we share.

In today’s episode, we explore the wonders of Rainbow Reef at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa. At Rainbow Reef, Aulani Animal Programs cast members educate guests about our fragile coral reefs and the importance they play in sustaining diverse marine habitats, which in turn sustain a healthy planet. We checked in with Aquarist Eric about this cyclical connection we share with our oceans, and how Rainbow Reef helps nurture that relationship.

As Eric shared, “if you experience nature, you start to understand it a little…and realize that what you do impacts all of it and all of us.” Check back next week when we resurface to terra forma and hear from more of our cast members on what their local resorts and parks are doing to help make that impact a positive one. To see what we are doing as a company to make good on that commitment, check out our 2030 environmental goals. Mahalo and see you soon!