Celebrate Earth Day with National Geographic’s Bob Poole

Celebrate Earth Day with National Geographic’s Bob Poole blog header

Happy Earth Day! In honor of our amazing planet, we’re celebrating the incredible shows that National Geographic Live brings to life for our guests with rare imagery and gripping storytelling from our awe-inspiring speakers including Bob Poole. Bob is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and wildlife filmmaker and star of a 70-minute show with National Geographic Live, “Nature Roars Back.” The show highlights one of the biggest conservation projects on the planet as he documents the rebirth of a lost Eden: Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park, a jewel of Africa’s parks system until civil war almost destroyed it.

Throughout his work, Bob shares a message of hope, resilience and overcoming adversity. He also worked as a director of photography for National Geographic’s four-part series premiering today on Disney+, Secrets of the Elephants. The series was produced by National Geographic Explorer at Large and Academy Award-winning directorJames Cameron and is narrated by actress Natalie Portman.

Credit: National Geographic Partners

Bob spent his childhood in East Africa, where his father was the director of the Peace Corps, and later the director of the African Wildlife Foundation. Bob’s unique upbringing gave him an appreciation and curiosity of the natural world, a highly adventurous spirit, and a strong sense of self-reliance. It also gave him the chance to work with his family throughout his life. 

“I have so many stories because I’ve spent my life with wild animals,” he said. “There is so much that you can learn along the way.”

His on-stage live performance follows his experience at the African wildlife park, where he joined forces with rangers and scientists, including his sister, renowned elephant researcher and National Geographic Explorer Dr. Joyce Poole. Bob said, “Working with my sister is one of the best things about my National Geographic Live show.”

Credit: Elephant Voices

Raising awareness is a key aspect of Bob’s work. Bob encourages people to visit national parks across the world, noting that tourism dollars can fund conservation efforts and increase awareness. “Elephants are very complex, but that makes them interesting. They show empathy to others, and that’s something we don’t see in most animals. They have a sense of humor, care about their families, not just their babies, like we do, and are motivated by food.”

His filmmaking career began during his teenage years where he had the opportunity to work with a National Geographic crew who had come to Kenya to film elephants. For aspiring filmmakers, he similarly suggests jumping in headfirst to projects you’re passionate about.  

So, how will you explore this Earth Day? If you’re lucky enough to be located nearby Appleton, Wisconsin, Bob will present “Nature Roars Back” on April 25 at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center! For the rest of us, you can discover more National Geographic Live events near you by visiting our website or check out Secrets of the Elephants on Disney+ starting today.