2 New Trips Worth Taking with Adventures by Disney in 2025

Adventures by Disney just announced not one, but two river cruise itineraries to Holland and Belgium beginning in 2025! Get your travel bags ready, because for those who love to travel, these two countries are must-see vacation destinations.

Imagine traveling with family and friends aboard a river cruise ship, bicycling past windmills, marveling at expansive fields of colorful tulips, encountering art and architecture centuries old, sightseeing on canal cruises through big cities and under quaint bridges, and of course, visiting artisanal chocolate and cheese shops to tempt the taste buds.

Guest on a river cruise looking out the window

Touring Holland and Belgium

Holland and Belgium are two distinct countries, yet each is filled with history, inspiration and experiences influenced by Dutch culture. Together they form an amazing picture of old-world charm brought to life through landmarks and the hands-on activities that are part of these special trips.

Windmills next to a river

Each eight-day voyage with Adventures by Disney is packed with incredible sights to see and things to do. No matter which itinerary they choose, guests on both trips will be sure to experience:

  • 18th century windmills at Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • A Royal Delft tour and hands-on painting activity, a time-honored craft since 1653.
  • A visit to the original residence and workshop of Plantin and Moretus publishing, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including a printing press demonstration and activity.
  • The art of Peter Paul Rubens, breathtaking stained glass windows, sculptures and more at Antwerp’s Cathedral of Our Lady, whose Gothic-architecture construction was first started in 1352 and whose belfry is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Discovering Holland and Belgium Tour

On this traditional Holland and Belgium itinerary, guests also will celebrate the magic of music at the Utrecht Museum Speelklok, stroll through the Castle de Haar – the largest castle in the Netherlands – and learn about Brussels’ influence on comic books or their expertise in chocolate through a chocolate-making workshop. For adult travelers, Adventures by Disney will offer this tour for one adult-exclusive departure.

Embark on the Tulip Tour

For those smitten by the brilliance of tulips and flowers, this is the tour for you! The tulip tour will be offered just once per year to capture the splendor of blooming season. Be prepared to be dazzled by Keukenhof’s display of 7 million spring-flowering bulbs and garden art throughout its 79 acres. Visit Hoorn and its expansive rows of tulips in every color, as well as touring a tulip farm to learn about how these flowers are grown and the bulbs are harvested. And the Floralia Flower Show and its more than 1 million tulip bulbs at the Castle of Grand Bigard is sure to be a highlight of this trip.

There is so much more to each itinerary! For complete details, please click here.

Traveling by River Cruise

River cruise boat

Traveling aboard a river cruise ship is ideal when seeing the world with family and friends. With Adventures by Disney, meals and activities are included. Guests can truly customize their vacation with on-your-own-time in place of a group-guided excursion. Young travelers, or Junior Adventurers, can even spend an evening together on an Adventure Guide-led activity. And the best part of all, river cruising means only unpacking once as the ship serves as the hotel for the entire trip (easily one of my top reasons for river cruising!).

Traveling with Adventures by Disney

With Adventures by Disney, all of this is possible without the hassle! Disney-trained Adventure Guides lead the way and take care of every detail, bringing the destinations to life through masterful storytelling and in-depth knowledge of the places visited.

For nearly 20 years, guests with Adventures by Disney have explored some of the most sought-after places in the world. Have you traveled with Adventures by Disney? Share your experiences in the comments below!

To learn more about Adventures by Disney or to book a vacation, visit AdventuresbyDisney.com, call 1-833-223-0103 or contact a travel agent.